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Daniela started singing at the age of 2, with her 3 older sisters, they developed a quartet of 4 part harmony. Singing with her sisters provided concentrated training of her ear from a young age. She attended a performing arts high school in her hometown which furthered her companionship for music by joining the marching band, symphony band, choral choir, jazz club, and musical theater departments k-12th.

She started teaching music at the age of 16 and it was then that she discovered her delight in bringing musicality to people, be it through instruments or vocals.

She went on to acquire her B.A. in performing theatre arts with a study in music at Alabama State University. Also receiving training in classical, jazz, and musical theater vocals.While studying in college, she continued through many national music and acting competitions across the nation, where she received many awards.

While still working in her career from Film to Broadway, she’s found it to be a great opportunity of giving back and bringing light to people’s lives, by sharing her gift of music through training. Her gift has taken her all over the world and introduced her to many artists.

Now with such opportune time she’s enthused to give the training of ear, pitch, and storytelling through music to all of her students.

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