Vocal coach

The First Lady of MPV, Ebony Sowell- Franklin

Music has served as an everlasting and enchanting purpose in the life of 39- year old music veteran, Ebony Sowell-Franklin. Her connection with music was sparked at the tender age of 5 where she vividly remembers telling her parents of her aspirations to become a singer. After that moment she aggressively went after accomplishing her dreams. At the age of 13 she began her education in classical vocal training. Her ventures in the musical field began to spread even further when she mastered musical theater, popular music and jazz styles. In high school her talents and academic excellence proved to be fruitful which resulted in earning a full music scholarship to the prestigious and historical Clark Atlanta University. Ebony continued to utilize her talents in the performing arts while attending university. She showcased her expertise by working as an actress and singer in various productions. Her internships at different record labels, radio stations (such as V103) and music publishing companies taught her the components of the music business.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a minor in Communication, Ebony discovered her true passion in life, which was to teach music and spread knowledge of this truly wonderful art to the world. She came to this realization after a friend sought her help to learn a song. Her aptitude for teaching was undeniable. Instantly, The Premier Vocal Trainer was born! Her value of musical knowledge to all people is apparent in the accessibility of her classes to people of all ages and walks of life. Her success as a vocal trainer has reached the ears of many aspiring and established musical artists. Ebony has worked with organizations such as Compound Entertainment, Love and Hip Hop, Emory Voice Center, and more. The groundbreaking and innovative vocal training company have grown to exponential proportions in a13 years. TPVC is now known as My Best Voice.  The goals she sets to accomplish with her students are total health and wellness, true musicianship, music knowledge, and the importance of artist development. These components all have made her students truly well-rounded.

Ebony Franklin-Sowell is a woman of astonishing knowledge of both classical and contemporary music. Her experience is well-established in the music industry. Her talent and passion for music are undeniable. Her techniques for educating her clients are innovative and current. Her combined skills and facets make her an unstoppable force and truly phenomenal woman.